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How to Care for a Loved One with Dementia 

95% of seniors with memory issues due to dementia are living in the community. There are many reasons why they're living in the community and not in facilities such as assisted living in a nursing home. 


The cost of assisted living or nursing home care can be $6,000 per month. Medicare doesn't feel that custodial care of individuals with dementia is something Medicare should pay for, and neither does private insurance. 

Keeping a loved one safe in their own home will reduce the overall costs and help keep them where they want to live.

Waiting List:

The waiting lists can be up to two years because there are not enough beds either in assisted living or in nursing homes for individuals with dementia issues. So again, you are left with someone being cared for at home.

How Can Loving Choice Senior Care Help?

Loving Choice Senior Care is owned by nurses with many years of experience caring for people with dementia in the community. We are trying to add a service that can help educate the caregiver on issues of payment options, the level of care they need, safety issues, and what is the best choice for their loved ones?

We provide specialized staff that have been trained to help calm the spirit of the restless person with dementia. We use lots of different types of diversions, gentle and effective care. We are trying to put that person into the assisted living lifestyle, but in the comfort of their home.

As far as a caregiver, we help answer those questions that you have, but also give you some control over the care that's being provided. We feel very strongly that you should have the best level of care at home and we provide the staff for that.

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