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My Family Members Caregiver / Decision Maker

I am my Family Member's Caregiver / Decision Maker

What is the difference between a Caregiver vs. Decision Maker?

What is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is anyone who helps someone in their daily life. They can be nonprofessional or professional caregivers, but essentially, they help the patient perform a task or perform the tasks for them. This can include tasks like going to the grocery store, giving them a bath, cooking for them, etc. 

Nonprofessional Caregivers:

A nonprofessional caregiver could be a child, a mother, a relative, in-laws, neighbors, anyone who is entrusted with the responsibility of helping the person in need. 

Professional Caregivers:

Professional caregivers are someone who is licensed and provides home health aide, nursing, or physical therapy. These individuals are trained to go into a patient’s home and help them by providing them with specific tasks. 

Professional caregivers are paid either under Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or their family pays privately. Home health aides are the largest population of professional caregivers that are paid privately. That is someone who comes into your home and provides care to your loved one when you do not have the time to do so. 

What is a Decision Maker?

A decision maker is the person who ultimately decides what the correct plan of action is for caring for their loved one, whether that be a nonprofessional or professional caregiver, or even if their loved one needs to be in a home with full attention. 

A caregiver is not the right choice for everyone, some people need more attention either getting around or medically, which caregivers cannot provide. 

The most important part about being a decision maker is having all of the information needed to make that choice. It is often hard to have all of this information in one place which can make the process difficult. However, at Loving Choice Senior Care, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about how to make your decision. 

Moreover, many people do not even know which questions to ask. That is why it is all the better to call us and make an appointment so we can help you fully understand the importance of your decision and most importantly, making you feel like you have made the right decision. 

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